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Gardens Gourmet

"Grown Naturally ~ Naturally Good"
Berries ~ Herbs ~ Vegetables
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Welcome to Gardens Gourmet!

  This is a picture of our family! We were honored in 2014 with a visit from the local Food Hub and this is the picture they took.

Summer of 2015

Our schedule is secured for this summer:
Sunday - Farm is OPEN for business by appointment!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - work on the farm!
Thursday - http://localharvestmarket.co/  Delivery Day!
Friday - Wadena Farmer's Market

our Country Store will not be open to the public as it has been in years past,
we will take orders and have them ready for you
or you can schedule an appointment to come on out and shop!
Arrangements can be made when you call me @ 218.640.3276!
This will give us more time to focus on our fields.
We thank you for your interest in Local Foods!

    We hope you have come to this website because you are interested in finding out more information about chemical free foods. 

     We offer, Grown Naturally ~ Naturally Good which means NO Pesticides NO Herbicides NO Fungicides...chemical FREE berries, herbs and vegetables. We work hard on our farm and it is reflected in our produce.

     Every day is a busy day at Gardens Gourmet...want to get involved?, want to eat fresh?, contact us...nothing beats a personal conversation with your local farmer. We are here to talk, answer questions and to get to know...KNOW YOUR FARMER...KNOW YOUR FOOD!!

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